Scrum & Agile Teams

Our Scrum teams training focuses in creating the behaviours required so that the team members adopt Agile thinking and Scrum values. This is not about a process but about behaviours: what is expected from them as members of their tribe, how they can become Agile and grow to a new level of awareness.

We use games and tangible constructions to accelerate the process of understanding the core of Agile, the behaviours expected from the team members, leaders and managers.

Some of our sessions include: The Scrum Team; Relative Estimation & Planning Poker; Good User Stories; User Story Mapping.

If you would like to find out more regarding our Scrum Simulation with Lego sessions, please send us your contact details.

Product Owners 

The role of the Product Owner is as fundamental as those of the team members. There is no Agile without a well developed Product Owner role. They have a business responsibility that goes beyond the traditional Product Manager role, but they are often confused. Product Owners need to have a deep understanding of the organisation; strategy; operational needs; and very importantly, the leadership skills required to engage the team through to success. We help Product Owners grow in their roles and be part of their Scrum teams.

Scrum Masters

A Scrum Master is not a Team Lead, less so a Project Manager. Scrum Masters are the ones that “teach from the end of the room”, they serve the team from a place where they are neutral to the technical decisions, they facilitate the Scrum process and the process of developing shared understanding, they coach the team throughout the process of building and growing both their product and their awareness and Scrum values.

We work with your Scrum Masters to improve their coaching, facilitating, mentoring and training skills thus be better servant leaders.