Background and career

Professional experience, motive and training

For over 24 years in IT I have seen companies struggling, becoming stagnant in their ability to deliver and innovate. I see disappointment in the organizational life, people lacking purpose, passion or meaning to what they do.

As Frederic Laloux put it in Reinventing Organisations, “at both the top and bottom, organizations are more often than not play-fields for unfulfilling pursuits of our egos, inhospitable to the deeper yearnings of our souls”.

In my personal journey through new levels of awareness I wondered if there could be a more meaningful, human way to work: kindheartedly collaborate; treat each other with respect and compassion; work beyond egos, bureaucracy and power games. Bring out the best in us; feel that sense of belonging, a deep connection that exists within sport teams, or when playing with friends or volunteering to those in need. How can human kind step up; form profounder organic connections and achieve grander goals? I searched for answers to those in regards to the workplace; looking for organizations operating in a different level; “seeing” the individuals and the communities within.

In this search I found Agile. Agile is transformation: a change of paradigm acknowledging that those that hold the knowledge should be the decision makers. When the experts self-manage and step to another level of development visions are delivered. When Agile “happens”, the organisation flourishes because new healthier interactions take place. Power driven and hierarchy imposed decisions are replaced by a value, knowledge based system.

My path of continuous learning of Agile put me in a place of a change agent; working with organisations in their Agile transformation path, helping it emerge.

I am only starting this journey, I don’t claim wisdom or being recognised within the Agile tribe. All I know is that I have this intense purpose; this duty to do my small part in making the world a better place, and I truly believe that Agile is one way of doing this.

The above is what I call my “motive”, a more down to earth name for “vision and mission”.

In terms of my actual work experience, I have worked in Technology since very young (in Argentina, we start our careers at the same time as we study at University, or even spend years working before we undertake formal studies). This means that from a very young age I was immersed in the IT industry. I did a number of things, from customer service and technical support to systems analysis, consulting, little, just a little bit of design, and some leadership roles. I worked for all sizes of companies, in Argentina, Spain, Australia. And my most recent role was reporting to a team in the US.

I have seen large, medium and small, merges and acquisitions, local and international. With the years, my interest turned towards serving teams and leaders achieve their fullest potential by learning new skills including that of awareness which enables us to identify our areas for improvement, and ultimately grow.

I have an innate desire to help people. I found that I lack the right “tools” though, so I started looking for ways to improve myself in order to help others. I am in that process; I have always been and will always be. Great learning occurred in the last years and there is only everything to learn ahead.

I hold certifications as Agile Certified Coach, Certified ScrumMaster, PMP, Agile Certified Professional, Prince2 Foundation and CMMI-Scampi. I am also a member of some of the organisations holding these credentials.

My focus of interest is the human nature of the organisational life and because of this I am learning about Agile Coaching, teams dynamics, organisational leadership, psychology and Systems Thinking.