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Why We Are Here

I am certain we can build a better world. I think in the biology of our existence, starting as single cells, and growing bigger than the sum of the parts when we get together with a common goal. This process starts with our individuality and grows into families, groups, communities.

Work is just another of these facets of life and growth. It’s another expression of humanity coming together to achieve grandiose, monumental goals that would be unimaginable in an individualistic context.

We got to a break point now. We are flexing and changing as we realise that we need to undertake profound change if we really mean to survive.

My mission is to help companies and community groups discover the power of their people when working in unison.

Discover how each individual, when in a real, deep, committed unity with others can achieve outstanding results, by themselves and better still, being part of a team. Their efforts and abilities are amplified beyond their own expectations when they truthfully achieve a sense of community. 101403_SMJPG_734460930N595341F

I consult and coach in Agile Transformation, Scrum and Behavioural change; helping organisations and teams take the leap from a manufacturing management thinking to a knowledge based empowered workforce.

And yes, we do this through play a good part of the time – Play that engages and unlocks human learning by disruption.

About Sofia Woloschin

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I am an Agile Coach and ScrumMaster with deep interest in human relationships and behavioral theory. I set up, train, coach and serve teams that deliver software applications and business transformation, provide coaching and process implementation.

I also research and study Psychology and Sociology, in an attempt to equip myself with more tools to better lead teams to high performance.

Having started my Agile journey 5 years ago, I am learning and growing and experiencing this people-centered approach to doing business that only brings me joy and hope that a better world is possible. I am convinced that we all have a duty of care towards our future and we must do something from wherever we are to help reshape the sake of humanity. I feel that I can do this from my tiny place as a change agent; helping people and organisations become Agile.

Click this link if you want to know about my professional background, certifications and interests.

You can also see my Linkedin profile.

Our Scrum Games

We teach Scrum, Agile principles, relative size estimation, writing user stories and more in two day sessions using Lego®.

We also deliver advanced training and consulting on moving from doing Agile to BEING Agile.

We offer training on specific topics such as Agile estimation, Writing Good User Stories (and how to split them), and any other Agile related topic that might require some outsider viewpoint within your organisation.

Lego City – Scrum Simulation with Lego

Some of our training courses:  Flinders University, UniSA, ACS, Inomial